Saturday, November 10, 2012

Charlotte Mae Harper

Charlotte is here! Oh! We just love her so much and think she is a perfect addition to our growing family. What do you think of her dark, thick, black hair?? Every time I take her beanie off, everyone flips out over it.

She was born on Monday, October 15th, at 6:29pm weighing 9lbs 4oz!!! Big girl. She looks so chubby in all of her pictures….ha ha! We were all laughing. She almost seemed Hawaiian or Eskimo with her black hair, olive complexion, double chin, and rolley-polley thighs. When I first saw her, I thought, "Where did she come from?….she looks nothing like Hazel or Brodey!" She really just has her own little "look" and personality. Fun!

Here's a snippet of perspective from everyone:

Charlie: lets you know when she's uncomfortable or hungry. She doesn't like taking baths, but she does love to eat! She's nursing like a champ! In fact, the very first time I nursed her, she opened her mouth so wide, and latched on so quickly, I laughed...then I cried. Since I've been able to compare this experience to our experience with Hazel, I have felt nothing but immense gratitude to Heavenly Father for Charlotte's strength and health. Such a blessing. Charlotte is a good baby. She eats very well and sleeps very well. She's already giving us smiles, too. Everything good about the "newborn" stage has been experienced these first few week. Pure joy! Nothing like it!

Hazel: a little apprehensive still about the whole situation. She was nervous at the hospital, and seemed more concerned for me and the IV in my arm, than anything else. She gets scared when Charlotte cries, and gives us her sad, worried expression a lot. Hazel is very curious about Charlotte and likes to watch her nurse, and get her diaper changed, but hasn't showered her with hugs and kisses or anything yet. So, we'll see how that continues to pan out. Jared does a good job of making sure Hazel still feels very special and a part of everything that is going on.

Brodey: loves Charlie and wants to hold her all the time. He is very good at holding her. When he wakes up in the morning, he washes his hands (first thing), and comes into our room asking to hold her. The day she was born, he held her and talked to her a very long time. He said things like "You're really going to like our family, Charlie" and "Sometimes you'll cry and be sad, but that's okay because I'll help you, and Mommy will help you" (etc, etc, etc). He kept going, and going, like he was giving her a Life Lesson 101 lecture. So cute! He can't get enough of her.

Jared: did a fantastic job of letting me sleep and take naps during the day while he was off from work. The house always looked clean and organized….vacuumed, mopped, you name it! He's done laundry, dishes, ironing, and everything else from cooking and feeding the kids, to taking Brodey to school. He has a pretty soft spot in his heart for his two "princesses"; it's fun to watch him take care of his girls. Jared also does a good job maintaining my emotional stability. He let's me cry when I need to, but keeps me laughing, as well. One night (when I was tired and hurting as expected), he pulled out his guitar and sang me a song….making up these hysterical lyrics as he went. Tears to laughter in seconds! I'm so grateful for a supportive husband.

Me: racked up another gold star delivering a 9 lbs 4 oz baby. Whew! Charlotte was delivered in, what the doctors said, was the widest possible way to be born. Rather than coming "crown first", she came "forehead first"….and her neck was cocked a little to the right, as well. Ouch. I was super lucky I didn't have to have a c-section. (In fact, they said it would have been a c-section, had she been my first delivery). My doctors really applauded my ability and endurance. It was exhausting. My insides were very sad, sore, and swollen, for quite awhile afterwards. But, overall, each day I feel much better. It's incredible, to me, how quickly the body can recuperate and heal. More than anything, I just can't get enough of my brand new baby girl. I could hold her all day long. I'm constantly kissing her, snuggling her, and rubbing my nose into her soft, chubby cheeks. Heaven on earth.


Rick and Kori said...

She is so perfect! I can't wait to meet her! A 9 pounder!? Good job Mama! I miss and love you!

Richard and McKenna said...

Congratulations!! I can relate on having a big baby...Liam was 9 obs 9 oz! And he flipped transverse (sideways) at the beginning of my labor which made things quite "interesting"! haha! Luckily he flipped the right way just minutes before I started pushing and was born 15 mins later! Stinker :) Enjoy the rolls and chubby cheeks! We are having another girl too in March! You should give me pointers on having a boy and then 2 girls! ;)