Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The P90X Man and the Octopus Man

As of recent, Jared and I have been trying to stick to the P90X program. Brodey has been observing, with wonder, I'm sure. Right before I took this picture, he said, "Dad is weal, weal strong, Brodey is weal strong, and Mom...(pause for sad-face display) you're not strong" . That should give you an idea of how I look in comparison to Jared during daily work-out sessions....ha ha! This is a picture of Brodey showing me how "weal strong" he is...

"Mom, O is for octopus"....

Last Day of the Lagoon Season!

So we thought it would be cold, rainy, and miserable, but it turned out to be warm and awesome! There were NO lines! In fact, most of the rides had empty seats. It was a blast. Brodey isn't going to understad why he has to wait in lines the next time we go back :)

Happy Halloween!