Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pink and Yellow Cookies

Ready for the big news???? It's a GIRL! Ha ha! We were all, actually, a little surprised. Why? Well, I feel her moving almost constantly throughout the day (very unlike her sister, Hazel). Hazel was her cautious, extremely feminine-self, even in the womb. More like nestles and snuggles….no karate kicks. So, I kept giving Jared the impression, that I thought it must be a boy. NOPE! Just a highly active little girl J

Jared and I were laughing in the ultrasound. We are really excited to add another member to our family. At first, though, I think we were both a little shocked (and I think, subconsciously, hoping that having another girl didn't mean going through another feeding tube experience). But, as time allowed, we became quite convinced that this really is the right order of things….and child #3 is definitely meant to be a girl. Hooray!

The day before the ultrasound, I took Brodey and Hazel to a bakery and let them pick out some frosted sugar cookies. Half of them were pink and yellow (for if it was a girl), and the other half were blue and green (for if it was a boy). After Jared and I came home from the ultra sound, the kiddos were very excited to unwrap the tinfoil, and see what colors the cookies were. They were pink and yellow ! J  

I was worried about Brodey being disappointed, but he quickly adapted, and said that it's going to be "pretty cool" to have two sisters.  And, I think it will be exciting and fun for Hazel to have a sister so close to her in age. YIPPEE! It's a girl….here we go!


Rick and Kori said...

Yay!!!! So excited for you! She is going to be a perfect mix of Brodey and and feminine :) Love you girly!

Karen Pedersen said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I miss you. I hope you and your darling little family are doing well.

The Long Family said...

Congratulations!! So exiting!! I always love to hear how you guys are doing. Miss all your cute faces!

Katie Lane said...

Trish, congrats!

I am going to go to lyndsies little babes funeral tomorrow. Send me an email if you'd like to join me!

Katie sparks