Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The P90X Man and the Octopus Man

As of recent, Jared and I have been trying to stick to the P90X program. Brodey has been observing, with wonder, I'm sure. Right before I took this picture, he said, "Dad is weal, weal strong, Brodey is weal strong, and Mom...(pause for sad-face display) you're not strong" . That should give you an idea of how I look in comparison to Jared during daily work-out sessions....ha ha! This is a picture of Brodey showing me how "weal strong" he is...

"Mom, O is for octopus"....

Last Day of the Lagoon Season!

So we thought it would be cold, rainy, and miserable, but it turned out to be warm and awesome! There were NO lines! In fact, most of the rides had empty seats. It was a blast. Brodey isn't going to understad why he has to wait in lines the next time we go back :)

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Funny Faces"

Brodey just started preschool with five girls in our neighborhood. All of us moms take turns teaching about once a month, or so. Today, preschool was at Brodey's house! He could hardly wait for his class to arrive :) We learned all about the letter F! We had so much "fun"! Here is Brodey, and all his "friends" doing "Funny Faces". We also made some "fish" out of paper plates, sang Old MacDonald had a "farm", played with "farm" animals, had some "fishy crackers" for a snack, played the "freeze dance" game, traced some "fall leaves", and decorated "frames" for our "funny faces" picture...and to top it off, all the girls got to take home a "fancy bag" full of the crafts/art they had made and some "flower stickers". It was a blast to watch Brodey learning and discovering new things today. His little brain was running a million miles a minute! It is always so rewarding, as a mom, to watch your own children grow and learn. What fun.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Heritage Park

Brodey, Hazel, and I, had lots of fun at Heritage Park today. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the pioneers and all they have done for us. I am grateful for their faith and self-sacrifice which has brought me, and my little family, so much happiness.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brodey has 4 stapels in his head...

One of my best friends just moved to Chicago, yesterday! As we hugged each other goodbye, I promised that I would update our family's blog often and consistently :) That's going to be a large commitment for an "only-post-once-every-four-months-person", like myself. But, however, the commitment has been I'm going to give every effort to keep it! And, luckily, as of recent, I have a pretty good story to kick off my new commitment!

Sundays have become Brodey's favorite day of the week because on Sunday, his dad isn't at work or doing homework, and therefore spends oodles of one-on-one time with Brodey; Brodey soaks up every minute! Yet, on this particular Sunday, as my husband and son were wrestling (with their usual intensity), Brodey jumped onto Jared's stomach and fell backwards, leading with his head, right into the corner of the return vent adjacent to the baseboard. OUCH! Brodey began to whimper, and Jared quickly picked him up, giving him a few "toughen-it-up-pats" to help Brodey brush it off like a man, but suddenly the blood came gushing, and Brodey's orange shirt had now turned red. Jared yelled for a gauze...and that's when I came running to the scene (with great distress in my voice and half of my chest exposed having leaped to the first aid kit right in the middle of nursing Hazel). About 3 hours later, after a quick trip to the instacare, the wide gash, atop a plump goose-egg on the back of Brodey's head was numb with litocane, and fastened back together with 4 staples. Brodey did a great job at the doctor's office, though. I was very proud of him for being so strong and brave! He even said thank you to the staff, on our way out the door...ha ha! I've posted the evidence below...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Brodey's Special Birthday Present...a sister!

There was only one day during the entire month of February that I did not want to have a baby on, and that was Brodey's Birthday....February 18th. Fittingly, at about 3:00am, the morning of February 18th, my water broke! Yes, you guessed right, Brodey recieved quite the birthday present that afternoon...a baby sister! And boy, was he excited about it :) Whew! No tounge can tell the joy that a family feels upon the arrival of a new addition. There are no words to express the amount of love and gratitude that have filled our hearts these past several weeks. Our deepest apologies for not posting updates sooner; we have been completely and utterly consumed in enjoying our new baby girl, Hazel. Here's some highlights from the last 6 weeks...

Here we are waiting patiently...

Introducing Hazel Maryln Harper....born Thursday, Febrary 18th, 2010 at 12:57pm. Weight: 7 lbs 5 ounces. Length: 19 inches.

This is a picture of our "little glow worm". Hazel was on the billy reuben lights for two weeks after she was born in order to help cure her jondice.

Here is a picture dipicting the Harper Family's effort in adjusting to a new sleep schedule...

Hazel loves bathtime!

And lastly, here's a picture of Brodey finally getting to celebrate turing 3 years old with the whole family...just about 2 weeks postponed!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, Baby Girl, why haven't you come yet?

This picture pretty much sums up all of my feelings at the moment. I haven't slept at all during the last several nights, my hips, pelvis, and back are screaming, and too many random sessions of false labor contractions have lead me down an emotional roller coaster of excitement, frustration, anticipation, and disappointment. Our baby girl is being incredibly indecisive...oh, my poor, poor husband.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pink Packages...

My good friends, Mother, and Grandmother offered to throw me (and soon-arriving-baby-girl-Hazel) a shower last weekend. It was wonderful! Except, of course, that opening up all the darling pink gifts made me even more impatient for her to get here! It was so fun to open each item. I am so grateful for supportive friends and is truly a blessing. I wish I could adequately express my gratitude, not only for everything we received, but also for the excitement, friendship, and joy that was shared. Thank you, everybody!

To be 2...

Yes, I had made the bed that morning. Yes, I had dressed him that morning, as well. And yes, he is holding two butter knives and somehow managed to get that enormous umbrella through my bedroom door. Why? Because he's two! I am so happy I was able to catch a few of these "Brodey Boy" moments. Though, we are unbelievably excited about the arrival of Baby Sister Hazel, I have recently noticed a strange sad feeling in my heart when I think about the fact that in the weeks to come, it will no longer just be Brodey and I hanging out together during the day. Things are about to really change! It is very weird to be feeling sad, on occasion, about how grown up my little baby boy is becoming. I'm so proud of him, and love watching him grow and learn...but as he grows, I am finding there are many things I am beginning to miss. I know, without a doubt, that there will be a day when I genuinely miss the messes he makes, the faces he pulls, the hugs and "snuggles" he gives me, the way he talks, the songs he sings, the way his eyes look into mine, etc, etc, etc. It makes me cry. I can't wait for Brodey to assume the responsibilities associated with being a big brother, but at the very same time, I will terribly miss and cherish every memory of Brodey as my first little baby boy. I have never felt such fascination, love, tenderness, fatigue, frustration, and joy until I became a mother. I can only imagine what kind of joy Baby Sister Hazel is going to bring into our family. It is overwhelming to look into the future with such great gratitude, excitement, and anticipation. It's a good thing that it never ends...I love knowing that families are forever!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Take A Tour...

Since receiving many requests, I reluctantly decided to post some pictures of our new home. I wouldn't be so "reluctant" about it if our temporary sheet-blinds weren't still hanging in the windows, and the rest of my pictures weren't still waiting to be hung on the wall, and etc, etc, etc. But, since I have lately been trying to remember that life is about the journey, I've decided to be more compliant. This is just a captured memory of where we are in life, thus far...and frankly, I've decided to be happy about it. But, just so you know, if I had a lot more money, my house would look exactly like an advertisement from Pottery Barn :) Having given my disclaimer, are you ready to take a tour? Here we go...

This is what you would find upon pulling up to our house. Favorite Things: the fact that it's ours, the huge maple tree, the porch, Jared's shorter commute, and the big side yard. I'm hoping that when spring comes we'll be able to finish the fence line, and put a swing in the tree. Fun little 1960's starter home, eh?

Next, is the living room and our beautiful media center...with no media on it :) that's ironic. Favorite Things: the open layout, the brand new paint and carpet, the big window, the recently installed recessed lighting, and enough wall space for my piano.

The kitchen is next! Favorite Things: I love the new tile! (You should have seem the blue linoleum that proceeded it). I also want to jump for joy over the dishwasher and disposal! Yahoo!!! A few other favorites include, the "nook" for our desk, the separate dining room, the "openness" of the layout, the vast amount of storage and counter space, and the sliding door that leads to the back yard. Oh...and the fact that I no longer have a washer and dryer next to my kitchen sink...glorious! After baby Hazel comes, I'll be anxious to finish the baseboards, re-stain the kitchen cabinets, buy a new dining table/chairs, and replace the stylish 1980's light fixtures. As my father would say, "All in due time, my dear!"

Ready for the bathroom? Favorite Things: the easy-to-clean-counter, the adjustable shower head, and newly installed soft-water system which makes cleaning the bathroom feel like heaven.

Here's the master "suite". Favorite Thing: I didn't have to squeeze our desk into's just the bed, the dresser, and the night stand. It feels good to go to sleep at night knowing that the claustrophobic clutter isn't going to fall-in for an attack (I just sighed with relief). Next on the list for this room, is a bed frame and new bed spread. The lovely bed spread currently on display has been mine since my sophomore year of High School. Anybody have a match? Jared would never know.

Next is the Nursery. Favorite Things: the fact that each kid has their own closet, and that Grandma Tiffany is making matching bed spreads for both Hazel and Brodey. I've seen the fabric...they are going to be darling! Thanks mom :) I'll have to post another picture of this room after I have made all the "final touches".

At the far end of the house, you'll find the laundry room. Yes, there is a separate room for my laundry. Whoever designed such a thing, should get a big gold star. Favorite Things: I almost cried when I realized I could shut the laundry room door and the dryer noises would go away during dinner time. I also love all the shelves and cabinet almost felt weird to have so much room to organize with. Someday, this laundry room will also serve as my glorified craft room. Jared is going to build a counter-top for me...I'm sure he can hardly wait :)

Last, but definitely not least, is the garage. Favorite things: it stores all the clutter that I don't want in my house, the scraping-the-snow-off-the-car-days are now over, it provides for easy grocery unloading, and my car is warm when I get into it. Somebody pinch me.

Well, there you have it; a full tour without even having to drive all the way to Salt Lake to see it. You are welcome :)