Monday, November 11, 2013

Charlotte's 1 Year Birthday!

I thought I posted these pictures last week, but realized that they had only been saved as a draft. Weird. Sorry, for the delay!

She loved her chocolate cake! Nobody get in her way!

I took these pictures of Charlotte in my own backyard, with my own camera! The lighting outside was perfect that morning, so we rushed out to catch it. I looked like a goon, in my sweats, and bed-head-hair...and of course I met my new neighbor for the first time looking so lovely. But, I think it was worth it!

Oh, I'm loving this chubby, happy girl. We call her "The Mae"...cause she is so full of sunshine!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Catch-Up!

Toward the end of September my entire front yard was bordered with these wild yellow sun flowers. There were so many! They made me so happy, I had to take a picture :)

 We went pumpkin picking at Ashland Berry Farms, while Jared's parents, and brother, Nate, were in town. The kids had so much fun, especially on the hay ride!

After the sunflowers finished blooming, these beauties blossomed. Can you tell I'm still confused why things just grow? Without sprinklers!

We found this turtle in our front yard after a rainstorm one day. Hazel was fascinated. 

Jared and Hazel walking back after saying goodbye to Mr. Turtle.

My dutch oven turkey. I've been practicing the turkey-thing, since I have to make Thanksgiving dinner all by myself this year!!!

Random pic of my darling Charlie Mae, who is growing up much too fast.