Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Update!

These pictures are from May...when Hazel got her tube out. She's so proud :) Yippee!

Charlotte May Harper turned 6 months old on April 15th!!!

Brodey's last day of Kindergarten :)

Hazel's last day of preschool....saying goodbye to Clouse the bus driver!

Camping Pictures from June!

Enjoying the warm weather just before we moved!

OUR NEW HOUSE IN VIRGINIA! We arrived on July 31st! We are loving it so far :)

Happy Summer :)

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Korinne said...

I'm so SO happy you posted! YAY for Hazel getting her tube out! Charlie is ADORABLE and completely Pollard and Brodey is such a handsome man! Can't believe how old he is! I LOVE LOVE your house and am so excited for you! Now that you live away I'm gonna need lots of posts to keep up with what you are doing :) Love ya!