Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Trip Over the 24th

Can you tell my little Brodey is "all boy"? He had so much fun playing in the dirt while we were camping. He came home with bruises, scratches, and burns all over his legs. I couldn't figure out the burn mark. I have no idea where it came from because he never cried about it. Crazy boy! The Pattens were a blast to hang with! We loved the good company :) Brodey, especially loved playing with Avanlee. Not to mention, the food was awesome! Jared makes mean dutch oven. You should beg him to make you some! It's good stuff.

Jared's Father's Day Gift

I'm pretty sure the word is out, but if you haven't heard the big news...listen up! I gave Jared a positive pregnancy test for Father's Day. He was really surprised and excited. So was I!

Young Women Camp

Can I just say, coolest bunch of girls ever! I had so much fun with them during camp. I love being a Laurels' Adviser!

Hogle Zoo