Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, Baby Girl, why haven't you come yet?

This picture pretty much sums up all of my feelings at the moment. I haven't slept at all during the last several nights, my hips, pelvis, and back are screaming, and too many random sessions of false labor contractions have lead me down an emotional roller coaster of excitement, frustration, anticipation, and disappointment. Our baby girl is being incredibly indecisive...oh, my poor, poor husband.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pink Packages...

My good friends, Mother, and Grandmother offered to throw me (and soon-arriving-baby-girl-Hazel) a shower last weekend. It was wonderful! Except, of course, that opening up all the darling pink gifts made me even more impatient for her to get here! It was so fun to open each item. I am so grateful for supportive friends and family...it is truly a blessing. I wish I could adequately express my gratitude, not only for everything we received, but also for the excitement, friendship, and joy that was shared. Thank you, everybody!

To be 2...

Yes, I had made the bed that morning. Yes, I had dressed him that morning, as well. And yes, he is holding two butter knives and somehow managed to get that enormous umbrella through my bedroom door. Why? Because he's two! I am so happy I was able to catch a few of these "Brodey Boy" moments. Though, we are unbelievably excited about the arrival of Baby Sister Hazel, I have recently noticed a strange sad feeling in my heart when I think about the fact that in the weeks to come, it will no longer just be Brodey and I hanging out together during the day. Things are about to really change! It is very weird to be feeling sad, on occasion, about how grown up my little baby boy is becoming. I'm so proud of him, and love watching him grow and learn...but as he grows, I am finding there are many things I am beginning to miss. I know, without a doubt, that there will be a day when I genuinely miss the messes he makes, the faces he pulls, the hugs and "snuggles" he gives me, the way he talks, the songs he sings, the way his eyes look into mine, etc, etc, etc. It makes me cry. I can't wait for Brodey to assume the responsibilities associated with being a big brother, but at the very same time, I will terribly miss and cherish every memory of Brodey as my first little baby boy. I have never felt such fascination, love, tenderness, fatigue, frustration, and joy until I became a mother. I can only imagine what kind of joy Baby Sister Hazel is going to bring into our family. It is overwhelming to look into the future with such great gratitude, excitement, and anticipation. It's a good thing that it never ends...I love knowing that families are forever!