Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day turned out to be a snow day. Since school was canceled, we did some valentine activities at home. It was such a fun day! 

My valentines to the kids

 My valentine to Jared. I had to leave it by the door, since he left for his clinical at 4:45am.

Hazel's "heart hair"

Opening valentines... 

Valentine Breakfast!!!

Valentine Crafting....

Jared walked in the door from his clinical with these!! Such a surprise! I love them! He is amazing for pulling that off with such a crazy and demanding schedule right now. Thank you, Jared :)  

We made a home-made, kid-friendly Valentine Dinner this year. We didn't have to tip a waiter, or pay a babysitter...which is good for a student loan budget...ha ha! It, actually, was pretty fun to include the kids. Did you notice Brodey has is "fancy" white button shirt on. So, cute :) He helped me light the candle and dim the lights. We ate prosciutto paninis. YUMMY!

Grandma Pollard sent a valentine package full of goodies! My kids were overjoyed, to say the least! I wish I would have snapped more pictures. I always seem to be able to take a picture of Charlotte eating something!

When we visit Grandma Pollard's house she always asks the kids, "GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?"....then, she answers by spreading our her arms as far as she can, saying, "THIS MUCH!!!!!!". Then she swoops them up and gives them a big hug. This year, we are too far away to give hugs, so she sent a tracing of her arm-span, and Grandpas! The card is longer than the bed!! Grandpa Pollard has an arm span of almost 7ft long! Ha ha :) Brodey, especially, loved it!

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Rick and Kori said...

Cutest Valentine's Day ever! So much fun all you did with your kids! And how awesome are those gifts from your mom!? Love the hug sign :)