Monday, January 13, 2014


Here's pictures! I have some pretty cute video that I'd like to make time to edit and post, as well....but, we'll see how fast that project comes along. I'm not making any promises!

Grandma Pollard (my mom) gives us Christmas jammies, and a Christmas book to read on Christmas Eve, every year. My kiddos loved opening the package she sent us this year. 

This is evidence of our Christmas Eve sleepover in the toy room. Although, Brodey didn't actually sleep much. He woke up at 1:00am, 4:00am, and 5:30am...we finally let him wake his sisters up at 5:50am to open presents.

Hazel only left her princess vanity to eat and drink....she spend the rest of Christmas day dressing up and beautifying! So darling. I can' believe I didn't snap a picture...only video :(

Charlie's drum set....because she's not loud enough already. Wait? What?! What was Santa Clause thinking?

Oh, wait! Don't forget the Doc Mcstuffin's camera! 

Or the Ninja turtle sword! 

This is a picture of Brodey as he is just about to open his basketball standard, from Jared. I have a video of him opening's priceless. He has spent every afternoon, outside playing basketball, since. Jared sold his used iphone so that he could have the money to buy it for Brodey. They had a really good time playing basketball together over the break!

Our Charlie Mae loved ripping the paper!

Grandma Pollard made these darling bath towels. Brodey's towel is a bear, Hazel's is a duck, and Charlotte's is a Pig. So fun! They love them!

Thank you to the Grandmas and Grandpas for pitching in money and lots of gifts. You made all the "magic" possible this year! We love you.

Brodey lost two teeth over Christmas break! Yahoo! He was so excited! He earned $1.50 combined. Although, the toothfairy keeps frogetting to take Brodey's teeth. Oops! We should probably write her a note.

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