Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brodey and Mr. Potato Head

Brodey received a Mr. Potato Head from Santa Clause. Good thing it came with a pair of glasses...they really helped him to assess his new patient! He can now name most of Mr. Potato Head's parts such as his "nose", "eyes", "ears", "hands", and "toes". He's saying many other words too, like "fish", "juice", "ball", "bat", "mitt", "sky", "hoop", "light", "baby", "stop", "plane", "what's that?", "where'd it go?", "sky", "bike", "car", "boat", "bug", "eat", "mom", "dad", "bubbles", "cookie", "maama" (like "Grandma"), "bumpa" (like "Grandpa"), "giraffe", "watch a movie", "hot" and "cold"... just to name a few! Mom doesn't know how she feels about her little baby Brodey growing-up so quickly. He sure is a lot of fun!

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Hannah said...

Brodey is just too cute!