Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Tube In My Nose, Mom!

 Just waking up, post-surgery.
 Feeling better after eating for the first time with her new G tube.
 Arrived at home from hospital.
 Celebrating her happy nose, that no longer has a NG tube in it!
Sitting on the couch with big brother Brodey.

Hazel just recently had surgery, this Monday. She's been home from the hospital now for two days - and has been recovering really well. She had, what's called a peg tube, placed in her stomach because she's still struggling to eat by mouth, even after seven months of feeding therapy. The peg tube is more permanent, but also more comfortable, than her pervious NG tube. Overall, she is responding very well to her new tube, despite the still painful dressing changes. We're are so happy, and grateful, that everything went so smoothly! I know many of you wanted details on our stay at the hospital, so here you go!

After checking in at Primary's same-day surgery, Hazel instantly began the “squeezy – eyelid – sad – face”, with the big bottom lip frown, the second we were called back, while she was just being weighed. She’s totally onto the trend of hospital and doctor’s visits (been there, done that), so she nervously fussed and held onto me pretty tightly during most of her initial assessment and surgery prep. She knew something was coming, and was so nervous at some points that she was shaking :( Luckily, her anesthesiologist was the cutest grandpa ever! He was playing with her toes, barking like a dog, and giving her toys. He was the only doctor she’s ever warmed-up to like that. In fact, Hazel was so comfortable with him, that she let him pick her up and carry her into the operating room. I would have been a mess, standing in the hallway, if she would have been really scared, and crying with separation anxiety. But, she did great with him! I was so relieved.

The procedure only took an hour and the doctor quickly came out to tell us that everything went really well. The doctor also told us that Hazel’s stomach looked beautiful and healthy. She also gave us a copy of some of the images she took while scoping the stomach. We have an image now of what the peg tube looks like on the inside. Modern technology – amazing!

Hazel was pretty grumpy and sick to her stomach, coming out of the general anesthesia. I was asked to go back into the post-op room to help calm her down. She seemed scared, like she didn’t know what was going on, or where she was, and when I finally got her into my arms again, she seemed much more relieved. A soft rock-a-by, pacifier, and the blanky Grandma Tiffany made, helped calm her down a lot.

Her grumpiness lasted until late afternoon then, with some good pain medications, she finally fell back asleep and took a good nap. When she woke up, it was time to start feeding her. The food in her tummy, worked! She tolerated it well. The food also gave her some energy and put some sparkle back in her blue eyes. She even smiled a few times, which made her mom and dad smile, too.

Jared and I are feeling confident that she will continue to progress and recover really well! After so much deliberation, worry, stress, prayers, and fasting, it just seems like a huge miracle. We are full of joy and gratitude. We have offered many prayers of gratitude that Hazel is alive, healthy, growing, and can still be raised as a part of our family. We need her strength and example in our home. What a bright little spirit she is. What a blessing.


Rick and Kori said...

Oh Trish I am SOOOOO happy that everything went well! I hope this is a great thing for Hazel and your family. I think it will be and I love that she was so happy to have the tube off her face :) Keep me updated! Love ya!

Karen Pedersen said...

What a relief, Trish! I am crying as I read this post. I''m so glad it went well. I have been thinking of you all week.

Rasmussen Family said...

You are soooo strong! What a wonderful mother you are. I'm glad everything went well with Hazel's surgery. She is an angel.

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that teared up. I'm so happy everything went well. I'm so proud of you Trish! You're the best little mommy and your kids are lucky to have you.